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UofW & WITP Presents a Colloquium with Kyle Shiells

Thu. Nov. 3 02:30 PM - Thu. Nov. 3 03:30 PM
Contact: Andrea Wiebe
Location: In Person 2L14 & via Zoom

picture of kyle shiellsAssistant Professor, University of Manitoba

Nuclear Femtography: Probing the Inside of the Nucleon

Around the turn of the millennium, exciting new ways to study hadronic structure were proposed. The so-called Generalized parton distribution functions (GPDs) hold unprecedented information about the structure of hadrons. For instance, they can tell us how the proton and neutron acquire their observable spin of 1/2 through what are called spin sum rules. In the first part of this talk I will discuss some of the important physics of GPDs, including spin sum rules, focusing on ones which are most accessible experimentally. GPDs however, can only be probed from a relatively new line of challenging deeply virtual exclusive scattering experiments. One such flagship process for doing so is Deeply Virtual Compton scattering. I will highlight the phenomenological relationship between these observables and the GPDs. The greater scheme of the global extraction of GPDs will also heavily rely on available and upcoming lattice QCD data, making it unique to the previous global analyses seen in the extraction of parton distribution functions from deep inelastic scattering processes. I will discuss our approach to modelling and extracting the GPDs from these global constraints, which involves a unique application of complex analysis and non-linear fitting techniques.


For an invitation via Zoom, please email Andrea Wiebe at an.wiebe@uwinnipeg.ca, or Andrew Frey at a.frey@uwinnipeg.ca.