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Xiaoyue Li Colloquium

Fri. Sep. 23 12:30 PM - Fri. Sep. 23 01:20 PM
Location: In Person 3M69 & via Zoom

Searching for Dark Matter Axions with Haloscopes

The nature of dark matter and the "strong CP problem" remain some of the most intriguing puzzles in particle physics today. The QCD axion provides an elegant solution to both problems simultaneously, and experimental searches for axions have garnered increasing interest in recent years. The traditional cavity-based axion experiments such as the Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX) have achieved remarkable sensitivities in the axion mass range around a few micro electronvolts. In this talk, I will begin by introducing the dark matter axions and the concept of haloscopes. I will then discuss the limitations of the ADMX-style haloscopes and some of the recent experimental efforts attempting to overcome these limitations and detect dark matter axions in different mass ranges.

To request a zoom link to this talk, please email Andrea Wiebe at an.wiebe@uwinnipeg.ca.