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WITP Seminar: Jose Ezquiaga

Thu. Feb. 17 12:00 PM - Thu. Feb. 17 01:00 PM
Contact: Andrew Frey
Location: via Zoom

Dr Jose Ezquiaga will continue his "virtual visit" on Thursday with a colloquium for the Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics (WITP). He will be expanding on one of the points from the UofW department colloquium which took place on Friday, February 11, 2022. We also invite students to meet with Dr Ezquiaga at the end of the talk.

The gravitational wave universe through the lens

Abstract: As the horizon of our gravitational wave (GW) detectors extends to higher redshifts, the chances that distant GWs encounter some intervening matter distribution increase significantly.   If a GW passes close enough to a galaxy, multiple images of the same source will be produced, arriving at our detectors at different times and with different amplitudes and phases. In this talk I will describe current searches for multiply lensed GW images and their challenges. I will also show how strongly lensed events could be identified with a single image if waveform distortions are identified, and how these distortions might be confused with modified gravity if the search pipeline does not include lensed templates. Lensed GWs will provide unique information to constrain the matter distribution in the universe and will be one of the main targets of next generation detectors.


For an invitation to this event, please email: witphysics@gmail.com.