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Ali Ajmi Colloquium

Fri. Feb. 4 12:30 PM - Fri. Feb. 4 01:20 PM
Contact: Andrea Wiebe
Location: via Zoom

Ali Ajmi, Postdoc in Neutrino Physics, University of Winnipeg

Neutrinos and their Exciting Travel Story

Neutrinos are the most abundant particles in the universe after photons, and yet of very intriguing and elusive nature. Several experiments have been attempting to understand this particle, and have succeeded in acquiring some knowledge about this so-called “ghost-particle", but many of its characteristics are still awaiting discovery or/and confirmation.

This talk will mostly comprise an overview of the different neutrino experiments and their detection strategies. There are experiments to detect these neutrinos from natural sources and also from artificial sources. Long-baseline neutrino experiments, being equipped with intense beams of neutrinos and baselengths, have been the most promising arena for understanding the chameleon-nature of neutrinos as they travel.


Missed the talk? Watch it here: