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WITP Seminar

Tue. Oct. 5 12:00 PM - Tue. Oct. 5 01:00 PM
Location: via Zoom

WITP Seminar 5 Oct 2021, 12PM Central

Dr Seyda Ipek, Carleton University

Title: Why are we here? Matter -- antimatter asymmetry of the universe

Abstract: The Standard Model of elementary particles predicts that there should be equal amounts of matter and antimatter in our universe. However everything around us, rocks, stars, galaxies, etc. is made up of “matter” and not “antimatter”. What happened to the antimatter in the Universe? This matter--antimatter asymmetry is a clear sign of new physics beyond the Standard Model. I will explain the new physics required for generating such an asymmetry and I will talk about specific models that do the job.

To register, please email witphysics@gmail.com by Oct 4