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PUPSS Colloquium, Dr. Lenaic Couedel

Wed. Sep. 11 12:30 PM - Wed. Sep. 11 01:20 PM
Location: 3M63

Dr. Lénaïc COUËDEL, University of Saskatchewan, Chair, Division of Plasma Physics - CAP

Prairie Universities Physics Seminar Series

Complex plasma crystals: How to make them? How to destroy them?

Two-dimensional Plasma Crystals:  Waves and Instabilities

Weakly ionized plasmas containing monosized spherical microparticles can form 2D complex plasma crystals that are ideal for the probing of melting and recrystallization, mass and heat diffusion,  solitons and shocks at the "atomic" level.

Results from experiments measuring the  spectra and wave polarization induced by ion wake-mediated instabilities in plasma crystals will be presented. We focus on the kinematics of dust particles during induced melting. These results are applicable to flame propagation in ordinary reactive matter.