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Colloquium: Dr. Mark Walton

Fri. Mar. 1 12:30 PM - Fri. Mar. 1 01:20 PM
Location: 3M62

Dr. Mark Walton

Physics and Astronomy 
The University of Lethbridge

Phase-Space Quantum Mechanics

An introduction will be given to the formulation of quantum mechanics in phase space developed by Weyl, Wigner, Moyal, Groenewold, and many others. Quantum theory can be done in phase space without the use of operators, but quantum weirdness cannot be eliminated. I will indicate how it is manifested in this alternative, standalone version of quantum mechanics. I will also illustrate how it has certain advantages over operator quantum mechanics, such as a more direct link to classical mechanics, and a straightforward treatment of different quantizations of the same classical system. Along the way, I will touch on my work, exploring the independent, autonomous property of phase-space quantum mechanics, and attempting to use certain advantages in novel applications. Mention will also be made of the many uses found for this representation of quantum mechanics, from quantum optics to non-associative generalizations of quantum mechanics motivated by quantum gravity.