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Mark McCrea and Kyla Smith Technical Seminar

Fri. Aug. 24 11:00 AM - Fri. Aug. 24 12:20 PM
Location: 1L04

Mark McCrea

Univ. Kentucky, Post-Doctoral Scholar

Magnetic Coil Design Methods for the SNS nEDM Experiment

Measurements of the neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) are currently of
considerable experimental interest due to their high probability of being able to
discover new physics within and beyond the Standard Model in the next generation
of experiments. The current upper limit on the size of the nEDM is 3E-26, and the
next generation of experiment aim to increase the precision of the measurement by
one or two orders of magnitude. To make measurements at this degrees of precision
is incredible difficult, and for nEDM experiments one of the main sources of
systematic errors is in the magnetic holding fields used in the measurements. For
this reason control over magnetic fields in the experimental area is very important. I
will talk about how to use the magnetic scalar potential and Comsol multiphysics
finite element analysis simulations to design magnet coils to supply the desired
magnetic fields.

Kyla Smith

Univ. of Manitoba, Graduate Student

Magnet Coil Design Method Using the
Magnetic Scalar Potential and Mathematica

This talk will present a magnet design method based around the magnetic scalar
potential, where the discontinuity in the magnetic scalar potential at the surface of
the magnet is used to generate the coil winding pattern. The Mathematica workflow
for this method will be discussed, including: solving for Φ, deciding wire placements,
and calculating the field from Biot-Savart.