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Jorma Louko Colloquium

Wed. Jun. 29 03:00 PM - Wed. Jun. 29 04:00 PM
Location: UofW, Room 2M73

WITP LogoThe Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics Presents a Colloquium with:

Jorma Louko
University of Nottingham

Low Energy Lorentz Violation from High Energy Modified Dispersion

Many quantum theories of gravity propose Lorentz violating dispersion relations of the form ω=|k|f(|k|/M), with recovery of approximate Lorentz invariance at energy scales much below M. We show that a quantum field with this dispersion predicts drastic low energy Lorentz violation in atoms modelled as Unruh-DeWitt detectors, for any f that dips below unity somewhere. As an example, we show that polymer quantization motivated by loop quantum gravity predicts such Lorentz violation below current ion collider rapidities.