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Summer Student Colloquium

Mon. Feb. 1 12:30 PM - Mon. Feb. 1 01:20 PM
Location: 1L06

Our summer students of 2015 will be presenting the research projects they were working on over the summer. Come hear what they have to say and receive information regarding our upcoming research opportunities for undergraduates, and how you can apply for an NSERC USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Award).

Student Presenters:

Wolfgang Klassen (supervisor: Jeff Martin)

“High Precision Magnetometry: via non-linear magneto-optical rotation”

Liam McLeod (supervisor: Jeff Martin)

“Prototype Active Magnetic Shielding for TRIUMF's nEDM Experiment”

Sashika Kumaragamage (supervisor: Chris Bidinosti)

Low-Field TRASE MRI”

Sean Hansen-Romu (supervisor: Blair Jamieson)

"Simulations of Magnetic Field of a UCN Spin Analyzer in OPERA"

Michael Honke (supervisor: Melanie Martin)

"Improving Magnetic Resonance Image Contrast using Tissue Susceptibility"