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Colloquium - Dale Kellington

Fri. Feb. 5 12:30 PM - Fri. Feb. 5 01:20 PM
Location: UofW, room 1L06

Dale Kellington
Orthopaedic Innovation Centre - OIC Precision Labs - Precision ADM
Metal 3D Printed hip cup

Product Development Physics

Cars, airplanes, medical devices, and every other product that has been developed are all subjected to the laws of physics.  Whether they are in space, at the bottom of the ocean, or in the body, they are see fatiguing forces, thermal gradients, radiation, and all of the other tests that nature provides.  A solid knowledge in physics is a key asset in designing, testing, manufacturing, and troubleshooting products.

Dake KellingtonJoin Dale Kellington, B.Sc.(Physics), as he shares his journey from physics undergrad to 3D printing titanium medical implants.