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Colloquium: Thomas Linder, TRIUMF

Fri. Nov. 20 12:30 PM - Fri. Nov. 20 01:20 PM
Location: 3M64

Status of T2K and Planning for Hyper-Kamiokande

In this talk I will briefly cover the current status of the T2K, before describing the proposed Hyper-Kamiokande detector. T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) is a long-baseline neutrino-oscillation experiment in Japan. T2K's results include the first observation of electron neutrino appearance and the world's most precise measurement of the mixing angle theta-23. Hyper-Kamiokande (Hyper-K) is a proposed one-megaton water Cherenkov detector to be built in Japan, as a follow-on from the successful Super-Kamiokande and T2K experiments. With its enormous active mass, Hyper-K will make world-leading measurements of leptonic CP violation using neutrino oscillations.  Hyper-K will also offer a broad program of other physics, including continued studies of atmospheric neutrinos, improved detection of neutrinos produced in supernova and an order of magnitude increase in sensitivity to proton decay.  I will describe the ongoing plans for building Hyper-K, with a focus on Canadian R&D efforts.