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Student Colloquium

Mon. Nov. 24 12:30 PM - Mon. Nov. 24 01:20 PM
Location: 1M33

Attend this Student Colloquium to hear presentations from staff about Physics opportunities, and from students about their experiences:

- Summer Research Positions (Dr. Melanie Martin)

- The Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (Allison, Andrew, Gabriel)

- "Magnetic Field Mapping for the nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF" by Andrew Harrison (supervisor: Dr. Russel Mammei)

- "Dark Matter: 5 Particles for the Price of 1" by Gabriel Chernitsky (supervisor: Dr. Andrew Frey)

- "Is Anti-de Sitter Space Stable?" by Allison Kolly (supervisor: Dr. Gabor Kunstatter)

- The University Physics Competition & Circumbinary Planets (Dr. Andrew Frey, Sarah, Steve, Veronica)

Learn about opportunities to get more involved in Physics!

Light snacks will be provided.