Minor in Comparative Literature

Modern Languages and Literatures

The new Minor in Comparative Literature explores literary works in two or more languages (read in translation or in the original), or different modes of artistic creation. Are you interested in literary works in various languages and regions of the world? Would you like to compare different forms of creative expression, like literature, theatre, film,  music or painting? With this new Minor, you can combine 18 credit hours in designated courses* to fulfill your interests and sense of discovery. 


  • EXPLORE revolutionary trends in Europe through Beaumarchais’ Mariage de Figaro and Mozart’s opera, and ‘emigration’ within Europe with Isabelle de Charrières’ and Senac de Meilhan’s works.

  • DISCOVER international children’s wonder stories, adult fairy tales and cinematic folklore, and their representation of metamorphosis, monstrosity and enchantment, using adaptation and feminist film theories.

  • ENGAGE in 20th-century Modernism in cinema, from German Expressionism (F. W. Murnau) to Italian Neo-Realism (Vittorio De Sica) and the French Nouvelle Vague (Agnès Varda). 

Click here for a list of current designated courses for Comparative Literature. To see the listings from 2016-17, please click here

* The CL Minor is an Interdepartmental Program combining courses offered in different Arts departments and programs, with 9 credits required from one department, and a total of 9 credits from two (or more) other departments. Permission of Instructor may be sought for courses with prerequisites.

For more information on the Minor requirements, please consult the Academic Calendar

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Advisors: T. Babcock, P. Brask, R. Byrnes, H. Curle, A. Majzels, L. Rodriguez, S. Viselli