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Minor in Comparative Literature

Are you interested in literary works from various world regions? Would you like to compare creative expression in literature, theatre, film, and Indigenous practices? The Minor in Comparative Literature explores literary and other creative works, across cultures and media, in the original languages or in translation. With this versatile Minor, you can combine 18 credit hours in designated courses* of your choice.


DISCOVER the multifaceted world of theatre as a dynamic and living art through its historical development, contemporary Canadian performance aesthetics, and its contribution to our global culture. THFM-4441: Theatre Aesthetics taught by Professor H. Malazdrewich engages students in the diverse and inspiring discourse on theatre as an art and its multiple social, cultural, and political functions.4 images from the various courses described

LEARN how artists brought together literature and spirituality from around the world to make their art more meaningful in the course The Turn to the Supernatural in Modern Art (HIST-4815). This class is coordinated with Professor S. Keshavjee’s exhibition the Undead Archive at Gallery 1C03 in Fall 2023.

EXPLORE Ancient Greek and Roman theatre not only through reading the plays but through delving deep into its staging, performance, and cultural significance. In Staging Greek and Roman Drama (CLAS-2405), students examine the evidence and apply it to in-class experiences.

Click here for a list of current designated courses for Comparative Literature. 

*The CL Minor is an Interdepartmental Arts Program requiring 9 credits from one department, and 9 credits from at least two other departments. Other courses not listed above may also be eligible for the Minor if content is appropriate for Comparative Literature.

For more information on the Minor requirements, please consult the Academic Calendar

Contacts: R. Berg (r.berg@uwinnipeg.ca); M. Tallin (theatre@uwinnipeg.ca)

Advisors: D. Courchene, D. Gupa, A. McGillivray, M. Racette-Campbell, J. Riley, L. Rodriguez, S. Roldan, H. Snell, L. Szekely