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Zeinab Mashreghi

Zeinab Mashreghi Title: Associate Professor, Statistics
Phone: 204.786.9366
Office: 6L40
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: z.mashreghi@uwinnipeg.ca


Ph.D. in Statistics, Université de Montréal.
M.Sc. in Statistics (Direct promotion to Ph.D program), Université de Montréal.
M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics, Université Laval.
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, University of Kashan, Iran.


Zeinab received her master's degree in Pure Mathematics from Laval University. Due to her interests in Statistics, she pursued doctoral studies at the University of Montréal after initiating a second master's program in the same field. Her main research interests include sampling theory, particularly focusing on nonresponse, resampling methods, imputation, and variance estimation.

Dr. Zeinab Mashreghi


Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg, Since July 2020
Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, Since October 2021
Assistant Professor, University of Winnipeg, January 2016-June 2020


  • Mathematical Statistics II (STAT/MATH-3612)
  • Applied Regression Analysis (STAT-3103)
  • Survey Sampling I (STAT-2301)
  • Survey Sampling II (STAT-3302)
  • Statistical Analysis I (STAT-1301)
  • Statistical Analysis II (STAT-1302)
  • Elementary Biological Statistics I (STAT-1501)

Research Interests:

Sampling Methodology, Nonresponse Handling, Bootstrap, Variance Estimation, R Package Development.

Dr. Mashreghi currently holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, which allows her to support students in research positions. Contact her to learn about research opportunities.


  • Mashreghi Z. and Nasri M. (2023), Bregman Distance Regularization for Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Optimization, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 1-10.
  • Mashreghi, Z. and Deng, H. (2023). A Rescaling Bootstrap Approach for Imputed Survey Data. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. 11(1): 234-259.
  • Chen, S., Haziza, D. and Mashreghi, Z. (2022). A Comparison of Existing Bootstrap Algorithms for Multi-Stage Sampling Designs. Stats. 5(2): 521-537.
  • Chen, S., Haziza, D. and Mashreghi, Z. (2021). Multiply Robust Bootstrap Variance Estimation in the Presence of Singly Imputed Survey Data. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. 9(4): 810-832.
  • Chen S., Haziza, D., Léger, C. and Mashreghi, Z. (2019). Pseudo-population Bootstrap Methods for Imputed Survey Data. Biometrika, 106(2), 369–384.
  • Mashreghi, Z., Haziza, D. and Léger, C. (2016). A Survey of Bootstrap Methods in Finite Population Sampling. Statistics Surveys, 10, 1–52.
  • Mashreghi, Z., Léger, C. and Haziza, D. (2014). Bootstrap Methods for Imputed Data from Regression, Ratio and Hot deck Imputation. The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 42(1), 142–167.
  • Mashreghi Z. (2010). Bootstrap Variance Estimation in the Presence of Imputed Data. Report Submitted to Statistics Canada at End of MITACS Internship.                                   https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/12-206-x/2011000/research-recherche-eng.htm