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Ross Stokke

Ross Stokke Title: Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 204.786.9375
Office: 6L06
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: r.stokke@uwinnipeg.ca

PhD in Mathematics, University of Alberta
MSc in Mathematics, University of Manitoba
BSc (Honours) in Mathematics, University of Manitoba

Ross grew up in Winnipeg, and obtained his degrees from the University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta. 

Research Interests:

Ross Stokke's research is in the areas of abstract harmonic analysis and functional analysis. More specifically, he studies locally compact groups, their unitary representations, and a variety of associated Banach algebras.

Dr. Stokke currently holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, which allows him to support students in research positions. Contact him to learn about research opportunities.


Selected recent publications:

  • R. Stokke, Completely contractive homomomorphisms of Fourier–Stieltjes algebras, preprint 2019, (34 pages).
  • R. Stokke, Fourier spaces and completely isometric representations of Arens product algebras, Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 71 (2019), no. 3, 717-747.
  • S. Camungol, M. Morison, S. Nicol and R. Stokke, On the preservation of properties by piecewise affine maps of locally compact groups, Involve, 12 (2019), no. 3, 491-502.
  • Y. Choi, E. Samei and R. Stokke, Extension of derivations, and Connes-Amenability of the enveloping dual Banach algebra, Mathematica Scandinavica, 117 (2015), no. 2, 258-303.
  • R. Stokke, Amenability and modules for Arens product algebras, Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, 66 (2015), no. 1, 295-321. 
  • N. Spronk and R. Stokke, Matrix coefficients of unitary representations and associated compactifications, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 62 (2013), no.1, 99-148. 
  • R. Stokke, Contractive homomorphisms of measure algebras and Fourier–Stieltjes algebras, Studia Mathematica, 209 (2012), no. 2, 135-150. 
  • R. Stokke, Homomorphisms of convolution algebras, Journal of Functional Analysis, 261 (2011), no. 12, 3665-3695.