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Melody Ghahramani

Melody Ghahramani Title: Professor, Statistics
Phone: 204.789.1414
Office: 6L25
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: m.ghahramani@uwinnipeg.ca


Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Manitoba

Dr. Melody Ghahramani's Website


Melody grew up in Winnipeg and obtained her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Manitoba. She obtained her Master's and Ph.D. in Statistics from Simon Fraser University and the University of Manitoba, respectively. Her research interests are in time series and biostatistics. She is interested in inference using estimating functions with applications in finance. Her applied research interest is in infectious disease modeling.

Research Interests:

Time Series Analysis, Environmetrics, Biostatistics.


Selected Publications:

1. Ghahramani, M., White, S.S. Time Series Regression for Zero-Inflated and Overdispersed Count Data: A Functional Response Model Approach. J Stat Theory Pract 14, 29 (2020).

2. Ghahramani, M., H. Zheng, P.W. Whitfield, and C.B. Dean. (2012). Statistical Modelling of Temporary Streams in Canadian Prairie Provinces, Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4), 373-389.

3. Ghahramani, M., Dean, C.B., and Spinelli, J. (2001). Simultaneous Modeling of Operative Mortality and Long-term Survival after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Statistics in Medicine, 20, 1931-1945.