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Matthew Wiersma

Matthew Wiersma Title: Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 204-786-9367
Office: 6L04
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: m.wiersma@uwinnipeg.ca


PhD Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo
MMath Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo
BSc Mathematics, University of the Fraser Valley


Matthew Wiersma grew up in British Columbia and completed his PhD at the University of Waterloo. Prior to joining the University of Winnipeg, he was employed as a Stephen E. Warschawski Assistant Professor at the University of California San Diego and as a Max Wyman Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and backpacking.

Dr. Matthew Wiersma's website

Research Interests:

Functional analysis and its intersection with group theory. More specifically, Matthew Wiersma works at the interface of operator algebras, abstract harmonic analysis and the representation theory of locally compact groups.

Dr. Wiersma currently holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, which allows him to support students in research positions. Contact him to learn about research opportunities.

Interested students should contact Dr. Wiersma to inquire about research opportunities in analysis or group theory.


Selected publications:

A. Ioana, P. Spaas and M. Wiersma, Cohomological obstructions to lifting properties for full group C*-algebras. Geom. Funct. Anal., 30 (5) (2020), 1402-1438.

E. Samei and M. Wiersma, Quasi-Hermitian locally compact groups are amenable. Adv. Math. 359 (2020), 106897, 25 pp.

See Matthew Wiersma's website for a full list of publications.