Joint Indigenous Studies Degree/Diploma (Red River College/UW)

Indigenous Studies

This innovative joint program with Red River College will provide an opportunity for individuals to earn both a Diploma in Indigenous Studies Administration from Red River College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Indigenous Studies from The University of Winnipeg.

Students who complete the Diploma in Indigenous Studies Administration at Red River College are given 30 credit hours towards a Bachelors of Arts degree in Indigenous Studies at the University of Winnipeg. This could be the equivalent of a three-year degree, a four-year degree, or an honours degree.

Students who begin at The University of Winnipeg will take a number of courses at Red River College. Some courses must be taken at The University of Winnipeg, some at Red River College, and some can be taken at either institution. Students may begin the joint program at The University of Winnipeg or Red River College in a part-time or full-time capacity.

Transfer of credit is possible from other accredited or non-accredited institutions. Students are encouraged to discuss transfer of credit with the Admissions office.

Why the Aboriginal Governance Joint Degree/Diploma?

  1. Education!

    The joint program draws on the distinctive advantages of both institutions: 
    • Multi-dimensional perspective on Aboriginal governance using traditional and existing models;
    • Leadership, administration, management;
    • Research;
    • Policy analysis;
    • Conflict resolution.

  2. Employment Opportunities!

    Students graduating from this program will be prepared for: 
    • Leadership and administrative positions with aboriginal governments, community-based organizations, reserves, and urban groups;
    • Leadership and administrative positions with Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments.

University of Winnipeg Program Requirements

Normally the program will take the following form:

  • 21 credit hours of required courses– Financial Management & Administration, Intro. to Conflict Resolution Studies, Canadian Politics, Aboriginal Politics in Canada, Aboriginal Politics in Manitoba;
  • 18 credit hours of optional courses from Anthropology, Conflict Resolution Studies, Economics, History, International Development Studies, Politics, or Sociology;
  • 12 credit hours in Humanities
  • 6 credit hours in Science
  • 3 credit hours in Academic Writing (Not required for students entering with a Red River College diploma)

Please Note:
Students with Red River College diploma may take no more than a total of 18 credit hours of 1000-level courses.