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Patricia Fitzpatrick

Patricia Fitzpatrick Title: Professor
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: p.fitzpatrick@uwinnipeg.ca

Teaching Areas:
Cultural Geography
Northern Canada
Resource Management Geography


GEOG-2419 (3) Sustainability: Resources, Policy and Activism in Canada 
GEOG-3512(3) Human Geography in Northern Canada
GEOG-3419(3) Geography and Environmental Studies and Sciences Internship
GEOG-4450(3) Geographical Perspectives on Environment and Sustainability

Research Interests:
Impact Assessment (Engagement; Multijurisdictional Assessment; Follow-up, Monitoring and Evaluation; and Adaptive Management)
Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy
Governance of mineral development


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Paynter, F., Pastora Sala, J., Fitzpatrick, P. & Broomfield, S.(*) (2022). Unfinished conversations: Honouring Indigenous relationships and knowledges in IA. Paper presented at the International Association of Impact Assessment, Vancouver, BC. https://conferences.iaia.org/2022/final-papers/383_Broomfield_Unfinished%20conversations%20-%20Honouring%20Indigenous.pdf

Fitzpatrick, P., Arlene Kwasniak, and A John Sinclair. (2021) Putting Multi-Jurisdictional Impact Assessment into Action under the Impact Assessment Act. In M. Doelle & A. John Sinclair (Eds.), The Next Generation of Impact Assessment: A Critical Review of the Impact Assessment Act, (pp. 165-193) Toronto: Irwin Law,165-93.

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(*) indicates student co-author