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Manitoba – Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity

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A special agreement exists between the Province of Manitoba (Canada) and the State of Minnesota (USA) allowing students to benefit from tuition reciprocity.

What is Tuition Reciprocity?

Students from Minnesota will pay domestic tuition fees (the same fees as a Canadian student) to attend any program at The University of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Who's Eligible for Tuition Reciprocity Benefits in Manitoba?

If you are a Minnesota resident (and US citizen), you are eligible for reciprocity benefits when you enrol in any program at The University of Winnipeg.

What Rate Will I Pay?

Minnesota students who attend a program at The University of Winnipeg pay the domestic tuition rate

How Do I Take Advantage of the Tuition Reciprocity?

1. Apply for Admission. On the application form you will identify yourself as an international applicant, and pay the $120 application fee.

2. Submit Additional Documentation. Along with your application form you will be asked to submit required documents like official transcripts, and you will also be asked to submit official government proof that you are a resident of Minnesota (copy of tax return, driver's licence, etc.).

3. Contact Us. In order to make sure we capture your status correctly, please contact us to confirm your participation in the tuition reciprocity agreement.

For more information about The University of Winnipeg, contact the Student Recruitment office at welcome@uwinnipeg.ca