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The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences annually offers a combination of competitive and automatic awards. They are merit-based and specific to our program. We can only consider students who have declared their major for awards. The University of Winnipeg has academic advisors who can help you determine your major and plan your degree.

 If applicable:

 Some awards require an essay submission, references or descriptions of your extra-curricular activities. Please read the award description for more information.

  • You can apply for these awards by completing our General Application
  • and any specific award applications in the “Recommended Opportunities” available to you through our online portal.

The Awards and Financial Aid Office also has numerous awards available for current UW students. Apply online every term.

List of Environmental Studies Awards

 Alice Chambers Forest Enhancement Scholarship

 This scholarship is presented by Manitoba Hydro in honour of Alice Chambers, in recognition of her life-long commitment to environmental stewardship and education, and for her valued counsel on the Advisory Committee for the Manitoba Hydro Forest Enhancement Program. It will be awarded annually to a student who has completed the Second year and is continuing in the Forest Ecology stream of the 4-year B.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sciences major.

2023 Award Winner: Quincy Shea Houdayer


 Catherine Sosiak Memorial Scholarship

This award is provided by Evelyn and Leonard Etkin in memory of Catherine Sosiak, ardent environmentalist. The worthy student will be one who has demonstrated devotion to and active participation in environmental issues.

2023 Award Winner: Danica Jessie Dumore


 Environmental Studies Endowment Scholarship

 Established from the estate of Minty Springman, this scholarship will be awarded to the student in the 4-year Environmental Studies and Sciences major who has the highest standing entering the Fourth year.

2023 Award Winner: Deirdre Meg Rooney


Johnson Waste Management Ltd. Scholarship in Environmental Studies

 The Johnson Waste Management Ltd. has established this scholarship to encourage people to make a difference in their community and the world at large.  It will be awarded to an outstanding student or students majoring in Environmental Studies and Sciences.

2023 Award Winner: Deirdre Meg Rooney


Leo Mol Scholarship

Created in honour of Leo Mol, this scholarship will be awarded to the outstanding student in any year of the Environmental Studies and Sciences program. It may not be held in conjunction with the Environmental Studies and Sciences Scholarship.

2023 Award Winner: Parker Adrian Smith


Manitoba Forestry Association - Dr. Alan B. Beaven Forestry Scholarship

 This scholarship has been established by the Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) in memory of Dr. Alan B. Beaven, a former lecturer on the historic Tree Planting Car, Executive Director and Vice-President of the MFA, who assisted in the founding of the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre in 1957 and the Interlake Forest Centre in 1984. It will recognize an outstanding student at The University of Winnipeg who is majoring in Environmental Studies and Sciences - Forest Ecology.

2023 Award Winner: Myrh Rynn Letkeman


Prize in Environmental Studies

This prize is to be awarded to a student who plans to pursue further work in water quality and aquatic ecosystems.

2023 Award Winner: Jenna Lynn Vandenbossche