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Program requirements for both streams

Full-time students will normally complete this program of study over a twelve-month period. Students also may be enrolled in the program on a part-time basis, normally completing the program requirements in two years. All students take 4 full-course equivalents (24 credit hours).

Minimum course and graduation requirements

A minimum of 24 credit hours of course work is mandatory. Students should arrange their specific distribution of courses in consultation with their graduate advisor. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of B (grade point of 3.0) in all courses presented for graduation.

  • Expected Time to Graduate: 12 months
  • Maximum Time to Graduate: 3 years

Note: A three-credit-hour course is typically a one-term or half course. A six-credit-hour course is typically a two-term or full course.

All students are required to take GENG-7103/3 Research Methods and Practice. All Curatorial Practices students must take GHIST-7831(6) Practicum in Curatorial Studies/GENG-7831(6) Special Studies in Cultural Theories and Practices. All Texts and Cultures students must take GENG-7104/3 Concepts in Cultural Studies.