Program Requirements

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice degree at The University of Winnipeg is a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Going full-time in Fall-Winter (September-April), it takes three years to complete 90 credit hours and graduate.  Thirty-six (36) of the 90 hours must be in criminal justice courses, which means that you have a lot of options to take other courses and you may wish to double-major. 

In your first year, you will take courses such as Introduction to the Criminal Justice System and Introduction to Sociology.  In later years you will take such courses as Policing, Criminal Law, Corrections, Research Methods, Criminological Theory, Professional Ethics, Crime Prevention, Crime Victims, and Comparative Crime and Criminal Justice.  Be careful to take your University required courses and your required Criminal Justice courses as soon as you can.  Students who put off requirements until the last year often are unable to graduate because they can’t schedule all their courses. 

Information on University requirements (e.g., Humanities, Sciences, distribution) and Criminal Justice Department course requirements are explained more fully in the University Calendar.  

There are many Criminal Justice courses offered in other departments that you may take as electives.  Students interested in policing may take courses in Forensics, Social Psychology, and Aboriginal Culture.  Students interested in the law may want to take the Canadian Legal System, Sociology of Law, Philosophy of Law, or Athenian Law and Society, among others.  Corrections students may wish to take Introduction to Psychology, Restorative Justice, Drugs and Behaviour, and Behaviour Modification.  Students with administrative interests may wish to take Public Administration, Organizational Psychology, Occupations and Professions, and Organizations and Bureaucracies.