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Criminal Justice Minor

All Criminal Justice courses, with the exception of Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ-1002) are reserved for CJ majors, meaning unless you are a CJ major, you cannot take any other CJ courses. Students minoring in Criminal Justice are the only exception. Students completing any undergraduate degree program are eligible to complete the Minor.

How do I complete a CJ Minor?

To complete a CJ Minor you have to take 18 credit hours of Criminal Justice courses in total, the equivalent of six 3 credit hour courses. You must take these courses: Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ-1002(3); Foundations of Criminal Justice CJ-2100(3); and Criminal Law CJ-2130(3). These three courses equal 9 credit hours. Then, you must take 9 more elective credit hours in Criminal Justice (or three more 3 credit hour classes). These can be chosen based on your own interest and course availability.

How do I enroll in CJ courses as a CJ Minor?

To enroll in CJ courses, you must get a signed permission form from the Criminal Justice department chair. Contact the Department Chair via email with your student number and advise them you are a CJ Minor and list the courses you want to take. The Chair will complete a permission form and send it to Registration. The current CJ Department Chair is Dr. Kelly Gorkoff: k.gorkoff@uwinnipeg.ca

When do I declare a CJ Minor?

A minor is officially declared at time of Graduation. You must fill in a form and get the Department Chair to sign it and submit it to Student Records. You can get more information by visiting the Student Services website.