Criminal Justice 3800/6 – Field Placement

Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to providing our students a well-rounded experience in their undergraduate education. The CJ-3800 Criminal Justice Field Placement course will give you a valuable opportunity to integrate theory and practice. Field placements offer key insights into the inner workings of the criminal justice system.  You will get the chance to bring what you learn inside the classroom out to your respective field placements.  Through your program participation and supervision by criminal justice professionals, you will acquire competencies in justice related knowledge, skills and abilities.  

The field placement allows students to work in a criminal justice or human services agency (see below).  A minimum of 200 hours is expected at your designated agency (about 8 hours a week).  The course enables you to explore career related work experiences and build valuable professional networks.  The in-class portion encourages you to think critically about criminal justice issues and reflect on your field-based education.  The in-class portion consists of focused seminar discussions, student presentations  and reflective journaling.

Students taking the field placement course are expected to have taken Professional Ethics, CJ-3205/3, or to have registered for this course in the upcoming term.  Preference is given to students who have a GPA of 2.5 or better, completed 60 credit hours, have prior volunteer experience and who can identify a CJ faculty member who will vouch for their reliability. If you wish to volunteer in drug court or corrections placements you should have taken CJ-2203/3, Institutional Corrections, or CJ-2204/3, Community Corrections (preferably both).  If you are interested in the Legal Help Centre you should have completed CJ-2130/3, Criminal Law, and preferably CJ-3130, Criminal Procedure.

Students may obtain application forms on-line on the Criminal Justice department website.  Questions can be directed to the course instructor, Professor Sarah Heath: or 204.789.4274. More detailed information can be found here. If accepted into the course, you may be required to obtain criminal record and child abuse registry clearances (cost borne by the student) and undergo other screening by your placement.

Once in, the course will expose you to the real world experiences of practitioners in the criminal justice system.  You will gain practical experience and also be able to network and explore career options through your placement.  It is a fun and unique way to learn the field of criminal justice before embarking on an exciting career after graduation!