Criminal Justice Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

CJ 1002/3 Introduction to Criminal Justice*

SOC 1101/6 Introduction to Sociology

POL 1011/6 Introduction to Politics
PSYC 1000/6 Introductory Psychology

HIST 1010/6 An Introduction to History: Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas
REL 1001/6 Religion & Identity in Contemporary Canada

RHET 1102/3 Academic Writing**

Other - 3 Credit Hours***

HR 1100/3 Year I Seminar in Global Studies
UIC 1001/3 Intro to Urban & Inner-city Studies

Note: Students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours at 1000 level towards a degree.

*Required course
**RHET-1102/3 or any other Academic Writing is required if average grade less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits).  See "Degree & Major Requirements" section of the Academic Calendar for details.
***See the Calendar and the Timetable or Webadvisor for all course offerings.