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Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg focuses onthe study of social responses to lawbreaking and transgression, including different dimensions of the police, courts, corrections. Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary social science degree that provides students with a strong grounding in critical thinking, writing, and research skills.

Our program provides students with both historical background and current research on the Canadian criminal justice system, offers an overview of crime causation theories, a foundation in social theory, an understanding of the role of law in society, and considers a range of perspectives on punishment and social control. Students are challenged to think critically about what justice means and how justice is best achieved. They will become well versed in enduring debates about the justice system including crime control versus due process, punishment versus support and care, wrongful convictions, reform versus abolition, settler colonial complicity, racism, sexism, classism, restorative and transformative justice, the limits of state powers, the harms created by criminal justice interventions and institutions, the struggles of victims in the criminal justice system, and state responses to deviancy.

This degree is well suited to students who wish to work in the criminal justice field (jobs with a variety of policing organizations, government corrections and service agencies), students who wish to pursue further studies of law, students who wish to understand the criminal justice system to advocate for change and transformation, and students who wish to pursue graduate studies in a wide range of social sciences.

**Summer Advising: If you would like to speak with a Criminal Justice department member please click here to see the 2020 Criminal Justice summer advising schedule for contact information.

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