Meal Plans 2021-22

Meal Plans Overview

About Meal Plans. Take the hassle out of meal time and have your pick of four dining options when you live on campus at UWinnipeg! It's all part of a new food attitude that embraces local and seasonal ingredients, cultural menus, and old-fashioned scratch cooking.

Meal Dollars and Meal Cards. Residents with a meal plan get a meal card that they can use at any of the Diversity Food Services locations on campus. The card works on a declining debit system, where the amount of your purchases is deducted from the card. Meal dollars are loaded on the meal card each term (e.g. Fall, Winter, and Spring). Depending on the term, unspent meal dollars are either rolled onto the next term or transferred to an expiring debit card. More details about how meal plans work are available in the Campus Living Contract ».

Meal Requirement at McFeetors Hall. Residents of McFeetors Hall dorms are required to select a meal plan as part of their Residence Agreement.

Medical and/or religious needs that may affect this requirement may be submitted to Campus Living for review. Details of these policies are available in the Campus Living Contract. Download the Meal Plan Adjustment Form from the Forms & Downloads page ».

Meal Plan Options 2021-22

UWinnipeg Tax-Exempt Meal Plans & Pricing

Your Best Value
Save big with our tax-exempt meal plans compared to cash spending or a taxable meal card.

Upgradeable Options
Meal plan dollars can be added to your card anytime during your residence occupancy.

Flexible Spending
Spend your meal dollars how you want without having to worry about weekly meal limits, and take advantage of our flexible rollover options.


Meal Plan Pricing 2021-22

  • Cost-per-term prices include a $50 administrative fee which is not spendable as meal dollars.
  • Plans 1, 2, and 3 are tax-exempt, meaning that food items are not charged tax at time of purchase.
  • As cards operate on declining debit system, number of meals per week may vary based on actual spending.

Meal Plan Tier

Recommended for:

Cost per term

Approximate Tax savings per term (compared to cash spending)

Plan 1
Approximately 10 meals per week

Students who are often away on weekends and those with light appetites. Our most popular plan.



Plan 2
Approximately 12 meals per week

Students who are sometimes away on weekends and those with average appetites



Plan 3
Approximately 15 meals per week

Students who are rarely leave campus and those with hearty appetites



Taxable Meal Card 2021-22

Taxable Meal Cards are designed as an alternative to our tax-exempt meal plans. They are best suited for residents who only need to supplement meals from other sources, for example:

  • Residents living in Balmoral houses who would like to supplement regular cooking.
  • Students who will frequently be off-campus, such as non-UWinnipeg students, students in practicums, etc.

Taxable Option

Recommended for:

Cost per term

Spendable pre-tax dollars

Taxable Meal Card
Approximately 7.5 meals per week

Residents who are often off-campus or who want to supplement regular cooking