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Michael MacKinnon

Michael MacKinnon Title: Faculty Member - Classics
Phone: 204.786.9875
Office: 4G17
Building: Graham Hall
Email: m.mackinnon@uwinnipeg.ca


Michael MacKinnon (PhD University of Alberta) reconstructs the role of animals in antiquity through integrative analyses involving ancient textual, artistic, and archaeological data. He has worked at more than 50 different sites in the ancient Mediterranean, from the west to the east, including excavations in Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, and Egypt.  Dr. MacKinnon specializes in zooarchaeology; examining animal bones from archaeological sites.  

Publications include "Production and Consumption of Animals in Roman Italy: Integrating the Zooarchaeological and Textual Evidence" (2004; Journal of Roman Archaeology, Supplement Series 54), and "State of the Discipline: Osteological Research in Classical Archaeology." American Journal of Archaeology 111: 473-504.  

Dr. MacKinnon works extensively in both the ancient Greek and Roman context.  He has held posts as Rome Scholar (British School at Rome) and Malcolm H. Wiener Professor (American School of Classical Studies at Athens).

Introduction to Bioanthropology and Archaeology (ANTH-1003), Rise of Old World Civilization (ANTH-2211), Zooarchaeology (ANTH-3207/BANT-3207)