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Alan Wiebe, Faculty of Education"The University of Winnipeg Club is a very important part of my life at the university because it provides a place to meet with friends, take outside friends to lunch, and hatch many new strategies to enhance one's professional life. It is integral to the working conditions here and we could not get along without it."
Alan Wiebe, Mentoring and Outreach, Faculty of Education

Miranda Santolini, from the Global Welcome Center for Immigrants and Refugees"Working at The U of W is about more than a job: it's about being part of a community. The University of Winnipeg Club is a place where the bonds of that community are strengthened... while enjoying a cold drink, good company, and a tasty treat!”
Miranda Santolini - The Global Welcome Centre for Immigrants and Refugees

Kirk Dowson, Faculty of Education"I appreciate the Club because of the relaxed and informal atmosphere where faculty and staff can unwind, hold meetings, or have some quiet alone time away from the hustle and bustle of campus. Some of the most productive and interesting conversations happen over a pint at the Club.”
Kirk Dowson - Faculty of Education

“The Club is very important to me as a faculty member. It provides a relaxing atmosphere where staff and faculty from different departments can exchange ideas and make friends. And the more we communicate electronically around here, the more important the Club seems to be!  It's also a great location for hosting special events or taking guests for lunch--it's nice & close, important on those busy or very cold days, yet it still has that sense of being off campus--maybe because it's literally "above it all."  I hope we'll be seeing some exciting events when the Club re-opens--guest speakers, debates, music, receptions....and plenty of quiet times as well, for sharing a meal and having a conversation with colleagues.“
Catherine Hunter - Professor and Chair, Department of English

"I find that time spent in the Club, in a relaxed and informal setting, gives us an opportunity to come to know our colleagues in a way that is not always possible during our normal day-to-day activities."
David Fitzpatrick - Dean, Faculty of Arts

"The Club is the most obvious answer to those who want to enhance our sense of a campus community."
Robert Young - Professor Emeritus (History) and Senior Scholar

"I, along with a group of ladies, spend our morning break up in the Club. We like that the Club is close so we don't have to go far to get a bite to eat. Tracey is always ready for us with a cup of coffee or tea. Our orders come out very quickly allowing us to eat without rushing. The food is always so good and hits the spot!"
Tina Buckingham, Admissions Office

"For me it's nice to have a space on campus that's just for the employees of the University with an atmosphere that has always been conducive to conducting business and or pleasure. Not many places are like that."
Sandy Tolman, Faculty of Education

"The best way I can describe our daily coffee breaks in the Club is, it's like going over to friends house for coffee. We are always greeted with a smile. Tracey knows who drinks tea instead of coffee and what everyone likes to eat. The food service is always speedy and tastes great."
Gisele Vizza, Admissions Office