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Transferal and Disposal of IT Resources

IT Resources such as computer workstations and servers must go through a reconfiguration process prior to being designated to another individual or department.

  • Department management is responsible for obtaining all pertinent data saved on the IT Resource and initiating the reconfiguration process. Data retrieval is not the responsibility of the TSC. 
  • The reconfiguration process must include removing all traces of the old use, such as user account/profiles, Email, web browser settings, etc. Any third party applications installed by the individual should also be removed if no valid license exists or there is no requirement for the department to keep them. 
  • The disposal of all IT Resources will be undertaken following the guidelines set forth in the Disposal of Surplus Assets Policy and the Sustainability Policy. 
  • Department management is responsible for removing any data of value from IT Resources slated for disposal. Data retrieval is not the responsibility of the TSC. 

IT Resources with hard disks or other permanent storage are to be wiped using government level wiping utilities or automated disk erasing products. If proper erasure is not possible, the device must be destroyed in a way that ensures data cannot be retrieved.