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IT Resource Licensing

Licensing as it pertains to software applications are subject to a variety of civil and criminal laws. The University of Winnipeg expects the University community to understand and respect these laws when using campus IT Resources.

  • When and where applicable, campus-wide license packages for IT Resources are purchased. These licenses cover a vast majority of IT Resources on campus. Departments who acquire these packages are responsible for ensuring license counts match that of licenses used on IT Resources.
  • Departments and individuals installing software applications on IT Resources that are not part of campus-wide licensing packages are responsible for acquiring and maintaining the proper license for that application.
  • All software applications must be accompanied by a legitimate license. This can be a dated invoice, receipt of purchase, completed license registration card or license card with a valid serial number. Media such as diskettes or CDROMs and software manuals do not constitute a valid license.

The University of Winnipeg reserves the right to audit IT Resources for software license compliance at any time. If a legitimate license cannot not be produced, the software application will be removed from the IT Resource. Depending on the severity of non-compliance, law enforcement may be contacted.