Getting Familiar with Nexus

Access the Notifications tool from your personal menu on the Minibar:

Set up an email contact method:

1. By default email notifications will be enabled with your University of Winnipeg email address.

2. If you would like to change your notification email address, click Change your email settings and select "Use custom email".

3. Click Save.

Set up a mobile contact method:
1. Click Register your mobile on the Notifications page.
2. Select your Country, your Mobile Carrier, and enter your Mobile Number in the form.
3. Click Save.
4. After you receive a registration confirmation code on your mobile device, enter it in the Confirmation Code field.

5. Click Confirm.

Subscribe to a summary of activity:
Note:  You must set up your email contact method on the Notifications page to subscribe to a summary of activity.
1. On the Notifications page, select the delivery frequency you want from the How often? drop-down list.
2. Select when you want to receive your summary from the At what time? drop-down list.
3. Click Save.

Subscribe to instant notifications:
1. On the Notifications page, enable instant notifications for specific course activity and updates by doing any of the following:
  • Select the Email check box to enable email notifications.
  • Select the SMS check box to enable SMS notifications.
2. Click Save.
Note: You can choose to include your Grade value in grade notifications.

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