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Mandate of the President and Vice-Chancellor

The primary responsibility of The President and Vice Chancellor (“the President”) is the continuation and enhancement of The University of Winnipeg as a public institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in undergraduate teaching and graduate programs, continuing education, and Collegiate studies:

  • informed by high-quality scholarship and research
  • based on values of academic freedom
  • open and accessible to a wide range of students
  • capable of innovative adaptation to educational changes, especially in the field of digital technology
  • transparent in its governance
  • committed to the advancement of international understanding and the concept of global citizenship
  • responsive to local community interests
  • accountable for its funding and support

To meet this primary responsibility the President

  • works with the Board of Regents to:
    • set policy governing the operations of the University, and be accountable to the Board for the overall management, and direction of the University
  • works with Senior Administration, Faculty, and Staff to:
    • ensure effective long term planning
    • ensure balanced budgeting
    • ensure financial accountability
    • ensure efficient use of financial resources
    • ensure appropriate management of human resources
    • ensure the ability to attract and retain a diverse student population
    • ensure the ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce
    • ensure timely reporting to the Board
  • works with the Faculty and Senate to:
    • establish and maintain focused coherent academic programs
    • ensure high quality scholarship and research
  • works with Students to:
    • establish and maintain a regular consultative relationship with Students and their elected representatives on matters of accessibility, academic programs, student life, infrastructure, and governance.
  • works with the Foundation to:
    • assist with development and fundraising requirements of the University
  • works with the Alumni Association to:
    • ensure support for the University
  • works with the federal, provincial, and civic governments to:
    • ensure support for the University

and, in the context of the objectives cited above,

  • works with the broader community to:
    • encourage debate and examination of issues
    • apply University skills and research to community issues and problems
    • ensure the support of the broader community for the University.

The President is the primary representative of the University

  • in academic councils
  • in relationships with governments
  • in relationships with Alumni
  • with the broader community

The President is the spokesperson for the University and will exercise good judgment when making public comment, keeping in mind the interests of the University.

The President is responsible for the development and implementation of a five-year planning process which will include consultation both within the University and the broader community, and for the rendering of an annual account to the Board of Regents.

A budgeting process and the presentation to the Board of an annual budget are essential elements of this planning process.

The President is responsible for the direct supervision of the Vice-Presidents and Provost who are accountable to the President. The President is responsible for recommending to the Board the selection and the termination of employment of Vice-Presidents and the Provost.

The President is directly accountable to the Board Officers and will report to the Board Officers on all activities related to the responsibilities of the President.


Approved in Principle by the Board of Regents: March 29, 2004
Reviewed by the Board of Regents: April 26, 2004
Final Approval by the Board of Regents: June 29, 2004