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MESC Funded Master's Positions

The Master in Environmental & Social Change program offered through the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences and Department of Geography at The University of Winnipeg has fully funded positions for excellent students in the following areas:

1 Position - Urban Environmental Geography

Winnipeg's Urban Nature

Description: Cities are places where humans and nature interact in complex ways across multiple scales, often resulting in highly unequal environmental and social geographies. Students interested in working from this perspective will focus on a salient topic of social-environmental concern in an urban setting. The research will be directed at uncovering the underlying geographical and historical conditions of urban political ecologies and may be developed around an available case study centred in Winnipeg.

Students are encouraged to adapt from these frameworks and propose their own ideas.

How to Apply: Communications and enquiries may be sent to the research supervisor Dr. Matt Dyce, Associate Professor, Department of Geography (m.dyce@uwinnipeg.ca). Successful applicants will receive two years of funding from the research supervisor, supplemented by student instructorships where they will gain instructional experience in introductory and advanced undergraduate classes.

1 Position - Environmental Influences on Water Quality

Hydrological and Climatic Controls on Nutrient Cycling in Forested Catchments

Description: Canada is teeming with lakes, streams and wetlands. Clean, healthy fresh waters support biodiversity and provide extensive health, economic and cultural benefits to Canadian communities. However, rates of climate change in northern boreal regions are among the highest of anywhere on Earth. Rising temperatures, changes to precipitation and declining snow cover will fundamentally alter how water and chemicals move through the environment, and could threaten our valuable aquatic resources.

We invite expressions of interest for a student who will be eligible to enroll in the Master in Environmental & Social Change program at The University of Winnipeg (MSc) starting September 2023. The successful candidate will work with an interdisciplinary team to explore how rising temperatures, shorter winters and changing precipitation patterns alter watershed carbon cycling in boreal catchments. Depending on the interests and background of the student, the project will involve a combination of field work, lab work, data analysis and/or mathematical modelling.

Qualifications and Support: We seek a hard-working and dedicated colleague with a 4-year Bachelor degree (e.g., Environmental Science, Biology, Ecology, Forestry, Geography, Earth Science). The successful candidate will have a track record of academic excellence and strong English writing skills. The successful candidate will receive a guaranteed minimum of $16,000/year in funding support for two years, plus support for direct costs of research and conference participation. The incoming team member will also have access to the CFI-funded Water Quality Analysis Lab at UWinnipeg.

How to Apply: Serious expressions of interest can be sent to Dr. Nora Casson, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Influences on Water Quality and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography (n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca). Your email must include your 1) updated CV, 2) transcripts (unofficial acceptable at this time), and 3) a brief statement outlining why you want to join our team. Please include “MESC Position 2023” in the subject line of your email.