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Providing customized learning pathways, the unique research-intensive program offers three graduate degree options: Master of Science, Master of Arts, and Master of Environment related to both human and environmental research and the applied analytical techniques and best practices for sustainable ecosystems, policies and societies. 

Students specialize and work at the nexus of three related fields: human geography, natural sciences, and environmental studies. While students choose a degree path for their specialization, all participate in training activities that bridge social and natural science with humanities research. Graduates will be able to communicate information across disciplinary boundaries, so scientists will be able to speak effectively to policy makers and social scientists, and vice versa.

Designed for options, this thesis-based program blends:

  1. specialized training that builds disciplinary knowledge and research skills;
  2. transdisciplinary curriculum to develop integrative knowledge and professional competencies that support graduates in the workforce as applied problem solvers and solution-makers; and
  3. a cohesive and energized scholarly community that encourages collaboration between students, diverse faculty, and associated communities and partner organizations.
Diagram showing Year 1 stream
Diagram Showing Year 2 Stream