Mission Statement

Marriage and Family Therapy Program

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Marriage and Family Therapy program at the University of Winnipeg is to prepare ethical, effective and competent Marriage and Family Therapists who: integrate self-understanding within a systemic/relational framework; demonstrate an understanding of and an appreciation for diversity; and are open to continued learning as they serve in the larger community.

Our Philosophy and Diversity Statement

We believe that the social and cultural context affects all participants in therapy and training necessitating exploration and knowledge of power and discrimination. This requires faculty, staff and therapist-trainees to continually examine our values and beliefs which can perpetuate injustice. Instructors and supervisors give ongoing attention to both the personal and professional development of our students. A high value is placed on exploring how our perceptions and reactivity impact our learning environment and our service provision.

We embrace humans in their diversity. We recognize the many different circumstances of humans, including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, education, economic status, and history of discrimination and marginalization; and varieties in cultures, ethnicities, legal and political systems, and religious and spiritual values. We welcome the wide diversity of human beliefs and valueswhich underlie our lives.

We foster diversity both through a broad base of academic discovery and through encouraging meaningful conversations, participation and accommodation in the educational and therapeutic environments. We welcome faculty, students and clients who are reflective of our larger community. We expose ourselves to the widest possible variety of human experience. We spotlight and support understanding of larger social justice issues which affect all human relationships and interaction.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program at the University of Winnipeg will:

1. Graduate ethical, effective and competent MFTs, who are able to work in the field.

SLO 1a) Students will demonstrate understanding of Marriage & Family Therapy.

SLO 1b) Students will demonstrate proficiency in the practice of Marriage & Family Therapy in clinical settings.

SLO 1c) Students will demonstrate ability to utilize relevant MFT research and practices.

SLO 1d) Students will obtain employment in the field upon graduation.

SLO 1e) Students will demonstrate knowledge of and adherence to the current AAMFT Code of Ethics.

SLO 1f) Students will demonstrate MFT professional identity.

2. Develop students' self-understanding through courses and clinical training.

SLO 2a) Students will demonstrate an integration of self-awareness and an ability to use their understanding of self in their training and/or clinical work.

SLO 2b) Students will demonstrate ability to regulate, understand and work with own issues of reactivity.

3. Promote an understanding of and appreciation for diversity.

SLO 3a) Students will demonstrate competence in cross-cultural understanding.

SLO 3b) Students will demonstrate understanding of individual privilege and vulnerability.

SLO 3c) Students will show ability to work from a social justice framework.