3 Year BA

Indigenous Studies

The 3 Year BA allows flexibility of choice for students who want to sample a wide variety of courses; to develop a stronger understanding of Indigenous issues, peoples, and policies; and who wish to develop their skills in critical reading, writing, and thinking. Students will gain knowledge on Indigenous cultures, particularly Canada, much of it wish can be applicable in work situations in band, provincial, national and international settings as well as with non-profit and for-profit organizations.  It can be successful paired with any number of other majors – Indigenous Studies and Criminal Justice; Indigenous Studies and Politics, for example.

Because this program offers much freedom of choice, it is important for students to think carefully about their interests and goals when choosing courses. For Degree requirements, see the Course Calendar. For assistance in creating a coherent, valuable program, students should also consult an advisor in Aboriginal Student Services or Student Advising. The DIS faculty are also valuable sources of guidance. See Courses(undergraduate) for acceptable electives.

Sample Program

This is an example of one possible path through the degree. Paths will differ, depending on a student’s interests, course availability, and the number of courses he or she takes each year. Consult our current courses for available offerings. Students should also consult an advisor before each registration to ensure they are meeting degree requirements. Please note that IS students may be required to register for prerequisite courses in other departments; in some instances, the prereq is waived.

Year 1: (30 hours total)
IS-1015(6) Intro to Indigenous Studies
-12 hours in Humanities
- 6 hours in Science
- 3 hours in Academic Writing
- 6 hours in electives

Year 2: (30 hours total)
- CRS 1200(6)
- UIC/IS/BUS 2030(3)
- POL 3400(3)
- 18 hours in 1000-3000 IS electives
*Recommended: IS 1101(6) Introductory Cree, or IS 1201(6) Introductory Ojibwe

Year 3: (30 hours total)
-POL 3405(3)
- 27 hours in 2000-3000 electives
*Recommended: IS 2040(3) Indigenous Women and Resilience; IS/HRGS(6) 2101 Human Rights Local and Global; UIC/IS/POL 2020(3) Colonization and Aboriginal Peoples; IS 2050(3)Indigenous Peoples and Globalization; IS 3101(3) Contemporary American Indian Policy in Cultural Context