3rd Annual Awards Dinner

The 3rd Annual Awards Dinner, hosted on November 10, 2017, honoured "AIM for SEVA", a global community organization working in India and dedicated to eradicating poverty through education. 

"Seva" is a Sanskrit word, meaning "selfless service."  Volunteers do all the work and funds raised go directly towards building hostels that house and support children so they may attend school.  The organization has supported over 3,000 students with the Toronto Chapter accounting for 600 of those students, making it the largest chapter worldwide.

Dr. Terry Papneja, convener and President of AIM for SEVA Canada, accepted the award on behalf of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce award for Humanitarian of the Year 2009 and Mid-Week's South Asian Humanitarian of the Year Award 2011. 

To view all of the photos taken at this event, please visit: India Centre 3rd Annual Awards Dinner images.