Indo-Canadians and the Pandemic

Indo-Canadians and the 2020 Pandemic: Expressions from the Community [link to PDF book]

Indo-Canadians and the 2020 Pandemic: Expressions from the Community is part of a larger COVID SEVA INITIATIVE undertaken by the India Association of Manitoba through funding from the Government of Canada under the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Community Organizations.

COVID-19 has affected us in all spheres: economic and social (and by extension, political). In its aftermath, we see we might have addressed issues differently, both as they arose and going forward. As with revolutions and/or cataclysmic change, pandemics are also transformative in that they leave behind far-reaching effects that change us all. In this respect, COVID-19 has been no different.

Our objective in undertaking this exercise is to compile a legacy narrative to show how the Indo-Canadian community and its members coped with issues arising from COVID-19. Taking a bottom-up or grassroots approach, we have asked contributors to record their observations and thoughts from a stakeholder perspective. Our contributors are from domains such as education, community, and government, business and service providers, as well as individuals with concerns for family and community. The document therefore captures a panoramic view of the community.

The articles are organized along the following themes: Project Overview and Drivers, Inspiration and Reflections, Education, Business/Service Providers, and Government. The guiding question was the same for all: did each contributor, from their vantage point, view and cope with the challenges presented by COVID-19. Some also offered a peek into the post-COVID context and a changed world. The overarching observation characterizing the contributions submitted is one of adaptability and resilience, an optimism towards overcoming challenges, and a hopeful view of the future. That is say, our contributors are not oblivious to the damage and hurt wreaked by the pandemic, but they are encouraged by their faith that “this too shall pass” – a brighter future with new ways of doing things will arise. Our experience with pandemics throughout history tells us as much.