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Version Form Name Help
globe Change My Address
pdf University Stat Holiday Eligibility
pdf 2017 Bi-Weekly Pay Dates
pdf 2018 Bi-Weekly Pay Dates
pdf Rates of Pay for Research Employees (PSAC-RA) Effective October 1, 2017


Version Form Name Help
excel Annual Attendance Template (Submitted Monthly)
pdf Vacation: Request to Carry Forward vacation time to Future Year (Carry Forward)
pdf Vacation: Request to Borrow vacation time from Future Year (Vacation Borrow)
pdf Voluntary Days without Pay (V-DWOP) Request Form


Version Sick Leave - Information and Form Help
pdf Sick Leave Information Sheet
pdf Verification of Sickness Form (optional, medical note with required information is sufficient)
Version Form Name Help
Change Forms:
pdf Flex Plan Change Form (for addition/deletion of spouse/dependent or name change)
pdf Flex Plan Option Change Form (for a prescribed Life Event)
pdf Life Insurance Change Form
Wellness & Sustainability Claim Form:
pdf 2017 Wellness & Sustainability Claim Form
Flex Plan Claim Forms:
pdf Health Benefits Claim Form (for Health, Drugs and Vision claims)
pdf Health Spending Account Claim Form
pdf Ambulance/Medical Transfer Claim Form
pdf Dental Claim Form
pdf Hospital Claim Form
pdf Travel Claim Form

Pension & Group RRSP

Version Form Name Help
Complete the applicable change form based on your membership in the DC or DB component of the Pension Plan. Contact Human Resources if unsure of which form to complete.
Change Forms:
pdf DC Pension & RRSP Change of Records Form
pdf DC Pension & RRSP Appointment of Trustee Form
pdf DB Pension Change of Records
Enrolment Forms:
pdf RRSP Enrolment Form (Refer to Group RRSP webpage for information and the My Money @ Work Investment and Savings Guide)

Employee Development/Performance

Version Form Name Help
word Performance Review form for Markers, Demonstrators, Tutors and TA's (PSAC-AC)
pdf Request for Review of Classification
pdf Request for Appeal of Classification Results
word Probationary or Trial Period Review Form 
word Annual Performance Review Form
word Performance Review Form for Technical/Supervisor/Management/Excluded Staff
word English Language Program Instructor Evaluation Form
pdf Supervisor's Interview Guide for Performance Review and Development
pdf Employee's Checklist for Performance Review and Development
word Position Description Template
pdf Guide to Writing Position Descriptions
pdf Staff Training and Development Fund Application
pdf Tuition Fee Reimbursement Application
Employee Tuition Scholarship Application Forms:
pdf AESES - Employee Tuition Scholarship Application
pdf Excluded Support Staff - Employee Tuition Scholarship Application
pdf IUOE - Employee Tuition Scholarship Application

UWFA RAS/UWFA Collegiate - Employee Tuition Scholarship Application


UWFA Collegiate - The Collegiate Tuition Scholarship Application


Version Form Name Help
pdf Consolidated New Hire Packet for new AESES, Research, IOUE, Excluded Hourly Employees
pdf Consolidated New Hire Packet for new Markers, Demonstrators, Tutors and TA Employees 
pdf Consolidated New Hire Packet for new Contract Employees (CAS, Lab Instructors etc.)
pdf Employment Form for existing AESES, Research, IUOE, Excluded Hourly Employees
pdf Employment Form for existing Markers, Demonstrators, Tutors, TA's (PSAC-AC) Employees
pdf excel Employment Change Form for existing current Hourly employees
pdf Guide to Posting for PSAC-AC Positions
web Posting Request Form for PSAC-AC
pdf Social Insurance Number Information
pdf Request to Fill for Support Staff Position Vacancy
pdf word Staffing Justification


Version Form Name Help
excel Banked Overtime Payout (For Regular Continuing Employees Only)
excel Additional Hours (For Regular Continuing Part-Time Employees)
excel Biweekly Time Sheet for AESES, Research, IUOE and Excluded Hourly Employees
excel Biweekly Time Sheet for Markers, Demos, Tutors, Teaching Assistants (PSAC-AC)  Employees
pdf Payment for Course Cancellation Request
pdf Payroll Direct Deposit Form
globe Canada Personal Tax Credits Return Form (TD1 E)
globe Manitoba Personal Tax Credits Return Form (TD1MB E)
globe T2200 - Declarations of Conditions of Employment
excel Lab Demonstrator Form
excel word Stipendiary Remuneration Form
excel Student Assistant Annual Renewal Form
excel Special Program Employment Form
excel Overtime Pay - Shift Premium Request
excel Unpaid Days Off (Leave without Pay) Request
excel Standby Pay - Temporary Reclassification Request

Termination of Employment/Retirement

Version Form Name Help
pdf HR Information for Termination of Employment/Retirement
pdf Employee Exit Form - Checklist for Supervisors