About the Teaching History Institute

Teaching History Institute

Coming October 2019: "New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning about the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike"

The Teaching History Institute (THI) brings together university faculty and teachers to explore new research directions in history and cutting edge developments in historical scholarship. At the same time, professors and teachers examine and employ evolving methodologies in teaching history, especially in the use of primary sources (manuscript, artefact, oral history, etc.) in the classroom. Teachers build on the skills and techniques of historical methodologies through the application of various approaches and in a number of learning environments, from classroom applications to field trips to archives, universities, museums, local communities, and other sites.

The Teaching History Institute is an excellent opportunity for university faculty and teachers to work together to advance the development of the study and teaching of history and how best to make the results of these joint efforts accessible to teachers throughout Manitoba, and, eventually, available across the country. THSI aspires to become a nationally distinctive programme.