GESA announces Eco-Grant recipients

Tue. May. 8, 2018

GESA is pround to announce this year's recipients of the Eco-Grant award:

Ariane Dilay (Honours Environmental Studies/Sciences)

Ariane DilayAriane will be using her Eco-Grant Travel Award to travel to the 38th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment in Durban, South Africa. At the conference, Ariane will have the opportunity to represent the University of Winnipeg on the global stage by presenting research that she performed for her honours thesis that looked at the role of impact assessment on environmental justice in India. She will also be able to participate in workshops with a multidisciplinary group of environmental impact assessment professionals from all around the world. The knowledge and skills that Ariane will develop as a result of attending this conference will undoubtedly assist her in becoming a better steward of the environment as she continues towards her eventual career as an environmental impact assessment professional. 


Adam Dubinsky (Honours Geography)

Adam DubinskyAdam will be using his Eco-Grant Research Award to perform research under the supervision of Dr. Bill Buhay considering sulphate contamination in southern Manitoba. The goal of Adam's research is to identify the sources of the elevated sulphate concentrations found in the prairie stream, Dead Horse Creek. Sulphate is known to be detrimental to the health of aquatic organisms and can facilitate the mobilization of mercury and phosphorus. If the source of excess sulphate is found to be anthropogenic, Adam's research could provide valuable insight into potential mitigation strategies. 

The GESA Eco-Grant is an award of up to $2500 given out annually by GESA. Its goal is to support environmental stewardship within the University of Winnipeg community. It can be applied for by anyone with some affiliation with the university (ie. Students, Faculty, Alumni, etc.).