Systems Contracts

Systems Contracts are exclusive contracts with designated suppliers for specific commodities of goods or services, with pricing and other terms negotiated University wide. They are designed to simplify the acquisition process of relatively low-value, highly repetitive goods or services directly from a pre-negotiated supplier. Each System Contract is treated as an extension of a centrally managed inventory on campus, and will provide the Requisitioner (unit) with a very high service level and consistently low prices, due to the long term partnerships developed by those these agreements. If the contracted products or services are less than $500 in value, the University is obligated to purchase from the designated supplier. Systems Contract Requisition forms must be sent by the Requisitioner (unit) directly to the supplier and to Accounts Payable. The invoice is sent directly, by the supplier, to Accounts Payable Department for payment. The unit ordering will automatically have their budget account charged when the invoice is paid.

Requisitioning instructions, contract information and a current list of Systems Contracts are available by contacting Purchasing Services.