Standing Orders

Standing Orders are arranged to facilitate repetitive (under $2,500) purchases from one supplier over the course of a fiscal year, and are competitively tendered like a Purchase Order. Standing Orders outline the cost of goods or services required over a fiscal year. Purchasing Services helps negotiate the best price and other service requirements. The cost of the order is committed to Departmental budget at the time of setup. The initial value can be an estimate that is revised over the course of the year with a Change Order. Requisition to Purchase forms must be submitted to Purchasing Services to set-up the initial Standing Order. The awarded supplier will be issued a formal University of Winnipeg Purchase Order. The Requisitioner will be provided with a PO copy. Requests are then placed directly with the supplier and the invoices are sent directly from the supplier to Supplier Payment Services for payment. The invoice payment will reduce or remove the associated commitment on the designated Departmental budget accordingly.