Purchasing Card

Visa Purchasing Cards (US Bank Canada) are available to all administrative personnel of the University for the purchase of low dollar value goods and services not otherwise offered through Systems Contracts and like agreements.

The Purchasing Card is a Visa card used by the University of Winnipeg employees to purchase materials and services up to $2499.00 per item (excluding sales taxes, shipping, and handling charges). Visa is the preferred purchasing tool used to pay for low value transactions.

The card is used to simplify and reduce costs of the purchasing and payment process for transactions and services up to $2499.00 per item. The Cardholder uses the card to complete purchases on materials and services from suppliers without completing purchase orders or requisitions. Orders with the Purchasing Card can be placed directly with the supplier of your choice by telephone, fax, mail, or in person. All the normal Purchasing Procedures must be followed, only the method of order and payment have changed.

Transaction and credit limits on the card are determined by the Card Administrator and are dependent upon the requirements of The University and the department. With the approval of the Purchasing Card Application ( available from Accounts Payable Department), the cardholder has been delegated the expenditure and purchasing authority.

The cardholder must reconcile their statement monthly . The statement must be signed by the cardholder and their immediate supervisor. All original receipts must be attached to the statement and forwarded to the Card Administrator for verification.

Purchasing Card Application form [PDF]

Procedures [PDF]

Contact: accountspayable@uwinnipeg.ca