Importing and Exporting of Goods

Important information Re: Canada Customs and subsequent brokerage procedures for any/all incoming and outgoing shipments from the United States, Mexico or South America.

All shipments either inbound or outbound from the University of Winnipeg MUST pass through Canada Customs. It is of the utmost importance that all of these shipments be directed to the University's broker in Pembina, ND (Purchasing Services can forward the address upon request). It is also important that the carrier assigned be bonded and has the ability to put PARS#s on common invoices. All carriers must be emanifest -ready so information can be electronically sent to Canada Customs before arriving at the border. Purchasing Services ensures the above criteria for carriers are met.

Shipments not addressed to the Broker are subject to possible rejection by Canada Customs and may be returned to the sender. When the University of Winnipeg is the Importer of Records, a purchase order # or VISA Reference # along with a University contact is necessary on the shipping label. There is some recent confusion as to `free' items from the United States into Canada. Though the University is Duty Exempt for goods applied directly to teaching and/or research, importer costs, GST and brokerage fees will always apply. A modest brokerage fee is charged to each and every order. Other possible charges are freight handling and carrier emanifest fees. Only the University's contracted broker can clear shipments on our behalf.

No shipment comes into Canada `free'. It is only `free' when it remains in the U.S. The requisitioning department and/or person at the University of Winnipeg to whom the item is addressed are liable for these charges. Any/all goods sent or addressed to The University Of Winnipeg are subject to these charges. There is absolutely no exception to these charges. Personal items and personal gifts are not permitted and should be sent directly to a home address. Extra charges will apply to personal items sent to the University address including all additional taxes, various charges and duty. Declaring a $1.00 value on shipments does not qualify for a `free' shipment. Canada Customs enforces their rulings and Purchasing Services is required to fill out a `Reject Document Control' form, which provides fair market value on any goods that declare an unrealistic low value on the outside label. A penalty can be applied for misleading or false declaring value of goods. Canada Customs always contacts Purchasing Services regarding any questionable shipment and/or its attached documents. In the event of a Customs Audit, Purchasing Services is required to provide all the information regarding all international shipments addressed to the University of Winnipeg that has, at any time, cleared Customs (ie: purchase orders and/or invoices).

All outgoing U.S. shipments, including items being returned or sent back for repair or warranty work, must go through the University's Shipping/Receiving area to ensure the proper documentation is filled out and attached to the package, to ensure additional and incorrect charges not be applied. For repairs and warranty work, GST is applied to the value of the repair only. Brokerage fees will always apply.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding U.S shipments, Canada Customs or brokerage fees, email