Car Cooperative with Peg City Car Co-op

Financial Services

How it Works

All the convenience without the cost. Important meeting? We’ll have a vehicle ready for you. Reserve for an hour or more. Pick up and drop off one of 8 vehicles in and around Central Winnipeg.

Peg City Car Co-op vehicles have designated parking spots in various neighbourhoods. You book the one you want online and pick it up from that spot. Your unique key fob gets you into the car. At the end of your booking, you return the car to the same parking spot. (Like a library book that you borrow and then return.) The carshare system logs the duration and distance you drove to calculate your monthly billing.


Any staff or faculty member may join under this membership as a driver for $25 and will be billed together every month by one pre-authorized credit card. Staff and faculty must of course meet all of the Peg City Co-op eligibility guidelines, and attend an orientation session (usually about 30 minutes) before carsharing.

For any staff interested, please fill out our online application form and note the Member name as University of Winnipeg. Peg City Co-op Staff will follow-up with each applicant to secure driver history and perform orientations.

Member Obligations

Please make sure to read our Member Manual and agree to its terms.

Car Location

Located in the parking lot just south of the Buhler Centre and Plug In off Good St. Look for the Peg City Car Co-op sign!


Since all members require a credit card to pay for their usage, a centralized credit card to pay for the invoice has been arranged with Peg City Co-op, and an Accounts Payable staff person will apply the usage charges to the appropriate departmental accounts on a monthly basis.

A single invoice with a breakdown of usage by driver and account number will be provided to UWinnipeg by the carshare each month.