Richard Westwood

Environmental Studies and Sciences

Richard Westwood Title: Professor
Office: 4CM55
Building: Centennial Hall (4th floor Mezzanine)
Phone: 204.786.9053


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  • ENV 3609/3 Research Design and Methods
  • ENV 3610/3 Research Projects
  • ENV 4611/3 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BIOL 4475/3 Urban Forestry
  • BIOL 4451/3 Forest Ecosystems Field Course
  • BIOL 4474/3 Forest Health and Protection
  • BIOL 4801/3 Entomology

Research Interests:

Richard Westwood is a Professor in the Environmental Studies and Sciences Dept. and the Biology Dept. His research focuses on a wide variety of environmental issues including conservation and protection of threatened and endangered insects and plants in prairie and boreal forest ecosystems, impacts of commercial forestry activities on forest biodiversity, improved urban tree health and protection techniques in urban forests and management of forest pests in commercial forestry landscapes. 


Selected Publications

Seidle, K., Kiss, J., Attanayake, A., DeVink, J., Bedard-Haughn, A., Westwood, R. and Lamb, E. 2020. Extent of Dakota skipper, Hesperia dacotae, distribution in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada.  Journal of Insect Conservation.

Bajeux, N., Arino, J., Portet, S.and Westwood, R. 2020. Spread of Dutch Elm Disease in an urban forest.  Ecological Modelling. In Press.

Westwood, R., Westwood, A., Hooshmandi, M., Pearson, K., LaFrance, K, and C. Murray. 2019. A field-validated species distribution model for the critically imperiled Poweshiek skipperling (Oarisma poweshiek) butterfly in Manitoba, Canada. Conservation Science and Practice.

Westwood, Saunders, D., Westwood, A. and N. Holliday. 2019. Effects of tebufenozide on the assemblage of moths (Lepidoptera) in an operational spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) suppression programme. Canadian Entomologist 151: 651–676.

Dearborn, K. and R. Westwood. 2014. Predicting adult emergence of Dakota skipper and Poweshiek skipperling (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in Canada. Journal of Insect Conservation. 18:875–884.

Davila, Y.C., E. Elle, J.C. Vamosi, L. Hermanutz, J.T. Kerr, C.J. Lortie, A.R. Westwood, T.S. Woodcock and A. Worley. 2012. Ecosystem services of pollinator diversity: A review of the relationship with pollen limitation of plant reproduction. Botany.  90: 535–543 .

Westwood, A.R., C.L. Borkowsky and K. E. Budnick. 2011. Seasonal variation in the nectar sugar concentration and nectar quantity in the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, Platanthera praeclara (Orchidaceae). Rhodora. 113: 201-121.

Westwood, A.R. and D. L. Blair. 2010. Effect of regional climate warming on the phenology of butterflies in boreal forests in Manitoba, Canada. Environmental Entomology. 39(4): 1122-1133.

Pines, I. and R. Westwood. 2008. A mark-recapture technique for the native elm bark beetle, Hylurgopinus rufipes (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), a vector of Dutch elm disease. Journal of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. 34: 116-122.

Price-Henderson, J., Westwood, R. and T. Galloway. 2006. An assessment of the effectiveness of  the mosquito magnate Pro for suppression of nuisance mosquitoes. J. American Mosquito Control Assoc. 22(3): 401-407.

Boone, R. and R. Westwood. 2006. Impact of emissions from a coal fired generating station on forest health parameters of temperate deciduous forests. Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 121: 151-172.